Bergros Bjornsdottir, Bjarni Leifs Win The Crown 2024

The Crown is a licensed CrossFit competition in Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 2023 by The Progrm’s John Christian Singleton, the Crown is a competition for some of the best teenage CrossFit athletes in the world. This year, six ‘Kings’ and six ‘Queens’ qualified for this year’s competition.

The athletes, primarily from Europe, range from Teenage CrossFit Games veterans to those who have narrowly missed qualifying for the Teenage CrossFit Games. Some have even competed in the Open division, either on a team or in the individual division.

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This past weekend, the 12 athletes received an all-expenses paid trip to Mallorca to compete for The Crown. After ten scored events, Bergros Bjornsdottir and Bjarni Leifs, both from Iceland, stood atop the podium.

Both Bjornsdottir and Leif won five of the 10 events on their way to the title. 


1. Bjarni Leifs (19 points)
2. Marti Pla (26)
3. Hugo Jansson (32)
4. Rokkvi Gudnason (35)
5. Illan James (47)
6. Simon Liedholm (50)

1. Bergros Bjornsdottir (22 points)
2. Hannah Wendt (30)
3. Marie Rognstad (32)
4. Delia Moises (36)
5. Merel Van Beers (39)
6. Elia Del Olmo (51)

For the detailed leaderboard and complete list of workouts, head over to Competition Corner.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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