Dave Castro & Joe Desena Discuss Upcoming Spartan Race Partnership

Yesterday, our friend at Obstacle Racing Media, Matt Davis, arranged a call between Dave Castro and Spartan Race founder, Joe Desena. In the six-minute video call, the two announced that CrossFit would be partnering with Spartan Race for the upcoming Oracle Park Spartan Stadion Event Weekend in San Francisco on December 3.

Castro shared that he and CrossFit are giving away tickets to affiliates and their members to go and participate in the stadium-based Spartan Race next month. On top of that, Castro revealed that he programmed one of the obstacles…ring muscle-ups.

But not only will plenty of CrossFitters be taking on the 20 obstacles throughout the 5,000-meter course, Dave Castro and CrossFit CEO Don Faul will also be participating. Furthermore, Ready State founders Kelly and Juliet Starrett will also be taking part in the event.

If you are CrossFit affiliate member and want to participate, you can email Dave directly at [email protected].

And check out the full video below:

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