Karin Freyova Wins French Throwdown as Primer for CrossFit Games

Just three weeks after the conclusion of the European Semifinal, the 2023 French Throwdown hosted some of Europe’s best athletes who did not qualify for this year’s Games. But in addition to those athletes was Karin Freyova who did qualify for her 4th CrossFit Games.

The three-day CrossFit-licensed competition brought athletes to Montigny-Le-Bretonneux, France, and put them through 11 scored events. The women’s leaderboard was in constant flux with multiple women taking the lead throughout the course of the competition.

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Entering the final event, Freyova trailed Metty Greneron and Jeromine Geroudet by just three points. However, Freyova would beat both on OHS Amanda, a play on Amanda with ring muscle-ups and overhead squats (instead of squat snatches), to take the top spot on the podium.

When asked why she decided to compete this weekend, Freyova told The Barbell Spin, “I just like competition simulation before the Games. It is part of my training plan.”

Freyova added that she did not expect to do well because of the physical and mental demands required to compete at Semifinals. However, she felt that getting back on the floor will help her in Madison, “I know that it takes a lot of mental and physical stamina to compete at the Games and this was good practice.”

Greneron would end up taking 2nd place overall followed by Geroudet to round out the podium.

On the men’s side, Enrico Zenoni maintained control of the top of the leaderboard throughout most of the weekend. However, it didn’t come easy as Victor Hoffer and Giorgos Karavis kept it close until the very end. Zenoni would go on to take 1st place followed by Hoffer and Karavis in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


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