Kristi O’Connell, Mal O’Brien Podium at Houston HYROX

This weekend Kristi O’Connell and Mal O’Brien competed at the Houston HYROX. O’Connell, a 7-time CrossFit Games veteran, competed in the Women’s Pro Singles division while O’Brien, a 4-time CrossFit Games athlete, did the Mixed Doubles division. Both would end up on the podium.

O’Connell won the Pro division with a time of 1:04:37, beating the nearest competition by over three minutes. O’Connell’s time is the 62nd fastest all-time in the women’s division.

O’Brien took on the less serious Mixed Doubles division with her agent, Cooper Marsh. The duo would finish in 1:00:35, good for 3rd place overall and 2nd in their age group division.

YouTube video

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