Massive Shake Up to Rogue Invitational Online Qualifier Leaderboard

This morning the Rogue Invitational’s leaderboard for “The Q”, it’s online qualifier, was finalized. The leaderboard had been frozen since score submissions were due last Monday, August 28, as the Rogue team validated scores through the video review process.

The freeze has thawed and now the leaderboard has been updated to reflect the final results to determine who will be invited to compete at the Rogue Invitational in Round Rock, Texas, next month. The top 5 men and top 5 women of the online qualifier will receive an invitation to the exclusive competition.

The finalized leaderboard looks nothing like it did when the scores were submitted last week. Two men and two women who were in the top 5 before video review received penalties that would knock them out of a qualifying spot.

Men’s Leaderboard

William Leahy IV had adjustments to four of his five submitted scores, including almost 8 minutes added to his Workout #4 submission. The penalties dropped Leahy IV from 3rd to 31st on the leaderboard.

Giorgos Karavis was in 5th before scoring adjustments were made. However, the Greek Games veteran had two score submissions invalidated, dropping him down to 49th overall.

Tudor Magda would move into one of those qualifying spots after receiving zero penalties during the video review. Madga was 6th before the leaderboard was adjusted.

But behind Magda, the leaderboard had a major shake up. Aniol Ekai, originally 7th, and Guillaume Briant, originally 8th, both received penalties that took them out of the running for the final qualifying spot.

Tyler Christophel was in 9th, but he received a one rep penalty on Workout 1A and a 2-second penalty on Workout 3. Combined with updating the tiebreaker for Workout 1B, Tyler would only move up to 7th.

Jayson Hopper was originally in 10th place and received zero scoring adjustments. He now is in 6th place on the finalized leaderboard.

So if no one from 7th to 10th on the leaderboard took the final spot, who did? Well, that goes to Garrett Clark. Clark was in 12th before all of the adjustments were made. Like Hopper, Clark did not receive a penalty. However, when all of the workouts were re-ranked after penalties, Clark was able to erase the five point deficit to Hopper and take the 5th and final qualifying spot by one point.

And at the top of the men’s leaderboard, Ricky “Mac” Garard passed Victor Hoffer for 1st place overall. Hoffer, who only received a one rep scoring adjustment on Workout 1A, was passed by Garard after all of the workouts were re-ranked.

Women’s Leaderboard

The women’s leaderboard did not have as much of a shake up as the men’s. However, two women originally in the top 5 received penalties. Sydney Michalyshen and Tayla Howe both dropped from the top 5 following video review.

Michalyshen’s Workout 4 score was invalidated and she received a score of ‘0’ after she did not measure the width of the tape line used for wall-facing handstand push-ups on her video submission.

Howe mistakenly had a barbell misloaded by 2kg on Workout 4. Howe was penalized 8:42. While she still ended up 8th overall, the mistake dropped her out of a top 5 qualifying spot.

Taking their place is Lauren Fisher and Kyra Milligan. Kyra was in 7th and moved up to 5th after she incurred no penalties. As for Fisher, she moved from 10th to 4th overall. She beat out Christine Kolenbrander who did not move on the leaderboard despite not receiving a scoring adjustment. But between the tiebreaker being applied to Workout 1B and re-ranking the workouts, Fisher jumped six spots to take a qualifying spot to the Rogue Invitational.

Sara Sigmundsdottir was the only other top 10 female to receive a major penalty. Sigmundsdottir, in fact, had three scores invalidated, dropping her to 44th overall. Victoria Campos, had four scores invalidated. She was out of contention in 21st, but moved down to 45th after the video review penalties were applied.

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