Rogue Invitational Legends Division is…Legendary

While most eyes at the Rogue Invitational will be on the top athletes competing in the sport today, the Rogue Invitational’s Legends division gives fans an opportunity to watch those who laid the groundwork in the early days of the CrossFit Games.

This year’s Legends competition features 18 athletes with a collective 99 individual CrossFit Games appearances and 9 CrossFit Games titles. As we said, legendary.

The men’s field is headlined by none other than Rich Froning. With four individuals Games titles and six team titles, Froning has the most CrossFit Games medals than anyone else in history. The men’s competition will be reminiscent of the CrossFit Games between 2010 and 2014. All but Josh Everett were household names during the Games over those five years.

The women’s field spans the gambit of the CrossFit Games history, beginning Tanya Wagner’s 2nd place finish in 2008. Combined with Rebecca Voigt Miller’s ten individual appearances and Briggs’ nine appearances, the women’s field features combines the Carson, CA athletes with those from the Madison, WI era.

Here is the full roster:

Men’s Legends
Dan Bailey
Jason Khalipa
Josh Bridges
Josh Everett
Matt Chan
Rich Froning
Tommy Hackenbruck
Mikko Salo
Chris Spealler

Women’s Legends
Annie Sakamoto
Julie Foucher
Kristin Clever
Margaux Alvarez
Tanya Wager
Stacie Tovar
Kari Pearce
Rebecca Voigt Miller
Sam Briggs

The Rogue Invitational takes place October 28-30 in Austin, Texas.

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