TYR Wodapalooza Adds New Open Division and Masters Teams of 3 for 2024

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza is already scheduled for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. So while the 2024 version will be held over the same holiday weekend as previous years, there will be new divisions coming your way.

New Open Division

For the individual athletes, the Intermediate and Scaled divisions are out and will be replaced with a new Open division. Dubbed as a hybrid version of the Intermediate and Scaled divisions, the Open division was created to eliminate ‘sandbaggers’ from those lower divisions.

While details are still forthcoming, it appears that there will be one giant leaderboard during the Online Challenge & Qualifier with cut lines that will be applied to determine which division you can enter. To compete in the Open division you will need to register and participate in the Online Challenge & Qualifier and then it will be a first come, first serve basis for the live competition in January.

Masters Team of 3

And completely new in 2024 is the addition of a Masters Team of 3 division. The three-person teams (MMM or FFF) will be split into an RX and Open division. There are a couple requirements to compete in this new team division:

  1. All athletes must be at least 35 years old as of January 1, 2024; and
  2. the sum of the athletes ages must be a minimum of 125 years old.

Here are some examples of what is and what is not permitted:

Athlete 1= 35 years old
Athlete 2= 35 years old
Athlete 3= 58 years old
Age= 125 years (Permitted)

Athlete 1= 39 years old
Athlete 2= 42 years old
Athlete 3= 51 years old
Age= 132 years (Permitted)

Athlete 1= 36 years old
Athlete 2= 37 years old
Athlete 3= 45 years old
Age= 118 years (Not Permitted)

Mark Your Calendars

Individual Online Challenge & Qualifier
Week 1: Sept 14th – 18th, 2023
Week 2: Sept 21st – 25th, 2023

Teams of 3 Online Challenge & Qualifier
Oct 12th – 23rd, 2023

2024 TYR Wodapalooza Miami
Jan 11th-14th, 2024

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