What We Know (& Don’t Know) About the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza is just two weeks away and over the past few weeks information about workouts and athletes competing have been slowly announced. So let’s take a look at we know about this year’s TYR Wodapalooza in Miami and what we still don’t know…


What We Know

Competition Days

Elite Individuals will compete on Thursday and Friday, January 11-12.
Elite Teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday, January 13-14.
All Community Divisions will compete from Friday through Sunday, January 12-14.

High-Level Schedule

According to the information provided to the elite division athletes, we do have a very high-level schedule.

Thursday, January 11
11:45 am – Start of Elite Individual Competition on Tina Hills Stage
7:30 pm – End of Competition on Flagler Stage

Friday, January 12
8:00 am – Start of Competition
8:15 pm – End of Competition on Flagler Stage
8:00 pm – Elite Individual & LatAm Cup Podiums

Saturday, January 13
8:00 am – Start of Competition
8:00 pm – End of Competition on Flagler Stage

Sunday, January 14
8:00 am – Start of Competition
7:15 pm – End of Competition on Flagler Stage
7:30 pm – Closing Ceremony on Flagler Stage

What We Don’t Know

Outside of elite individuals starting Thursday on the Tina Hills Stage, we don’t have specific times for events.


What We Know

As of this morning, three individual and four team workouts have been announced on TYR Wodapalooza’s Instagram page and Loud and Live’s YouTube page. However, according to the athlete handbook, we do have the number of scored events and workouts that each division will take on.

Workouts & Scores

Division(s) # of Workouts # of Scores
Elite Individual
LatAm Individual
5 6
RX Individual
Open Individual
Masters Individual
7 8
RX Teams
Intermediate Teams
Open Teams
Masters RX Teams
Masters Open Teams
7 7
Elite Teams
6 6


All divisions, except adaptive divisions, will take on a workout that includes swimming. 

Individual Workouts

For Time
Parallel Bar Dips
Hang Power Cleans (185, 125lb)
– into –
Shoulder to Overhead (185, 125lb)
Bar Muscle Ups

Deja Vu
Round 1: 3 min AMRAP
Round 2: 5 min AMRAP
Round 3: For Time (8min Cap)
1 min rest b/w each round

25/20 Assault Cal Row
30 Wallballs (20, 14lb)
35 C2B Pull Ups
30 Box Jump Overs (30′, 24′)
25 DB Snatches (100, 70lb)

2 Scores:
-Total Reps across all round
-Time on Round 3

Double or Nothin’
For Max Load
2 Attempts of the following complex:
1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch
:45 on | :45 off
*Tie-break: Max OH Squats

Team Workouts

Worm Fran
For Time:
21 Worm Thrusters
Each athlete performs:
8 PU – 7 C2B – 6 BMU

15 Worm Thrusters
Each athlete performs:
6 PU – 5 C2B – 4 BMU

9 Worm Thrusters
Each athlete performs:
4 PU – 3 C2B – 2 BMU

6 Worm Thrusters
Each athlete performs:
3 PU – 2 C2B – 1 BMU

*While 1 athlete is on the rig, the other 2 are holding the worm.
Time Cap: 13 Minutes

Uno. Dos. Tres.
For Time:
20 Wall Walks
40 Strict HSPU
*1 holds HS, 1 works, 1 rests

240 Synchro Double Unders
*2 work, 1 rests

60 Deadlifts
40 Hang Cleans
20 Front Squats
*All 3 synchro

Bike Race
For Total Combined Time
5k Trail Run

The Sandbag Send
For Time
Buy-in: 360ft Sandbag Carry (120ft each)
Each athlete performs relay style 9-7-5:
Sandbag Cleans
Sandbag Squats
(150, 100lb)
Buy-out: 360ft Sandbag Carry (120ft each)

What We Don’t Know

So we know three of the five workouts (and four of the six scored events). What’s missing is two workouts. And so far, a swim has not yet been programmed. So it’s likely that the final event has already been announced. With Deja Vu being two scored events, it’s likely this is the final event on Friday night.

If we were going to guess the order of events for individuals, it would be the following:

Something on Tina Hills?

Unknown Swim Event
Double or Nothin’
Deja Vu

As for the teams, we are still missing two of the six workouts. One of which is a swim. The order of events, in my opinion, is still too difficult to predict for teams.


What We Know

Similar to the workouts, TYR Wodapalooza has been slowly announced confirmed athletes over the course of the past few weeks. Additionally, the top 20 athletes from the WZA Online Qualifier will also be in the field (they are denoted below with an * next to their name). Here’s the list of athletes we know are competing currently:


  • Men
    • Ricky Garard
    • Gui Malheiros
    • Nick Mathew
    • Pat Vellner
    • Travis Mayer
    • Brent Fikowski
    • Roman Khrennikov
    • Austin Hatfield*
    • Juan Sforzini*
    • Antonios Makaronas*
    • Harry Lightfoot*
    • Francis Pelletier*
    • Kevin Jurs*
    • Jack Rozema*
    • CJ Gerald*
    • Travon Benton*
    • John Wood*
    • Alexandre Caron*
    • Drake Lewis*
    • Connor Voltz*
    • Tanner Balazs*
    • William Bennett*
    • Nikita Yundov*
    • Guilherme Domingues*
    • Lucas Heuze*
    • Evan Rogers*
    • Joshua Hong*
  • Women
    • Arielle Loewen
    • Dani Speegle
    • Sydney Wells
    • Emily Rolfe
    • Olivia Kerstetter
    • Grace Walton*
    • Lexi Neely*
    • Rebecca Fuselier*
    • Elena Carratala Sanahuja*
    • Stacy Lerum*
    • Elizabeth Wishart*
    • Ro Scott*
    • Emily Rethwill*
    • Freya Moosbrugger*
    • Christee Hollard*
    • Sara Alicia Fernandez Costas*
    • Briony Challis*
    • Julia Hannaford*
    • Keara Napoli*
    • Jessica Androsik*
    • Margaux Masset*
    • Nicolette Torreggiani*
    • Becca Merritt*
    • Ashley Shoemaker*
    • Allison Weiss*


  • Ombre Hombres: Noah Ohlsen, Chandler Smith, Tola Morakinyo
  • Golden Oldies: Pat Vellner, Travis Mayer, Will Moorad
  • Team GoWOD: Justin Medeiros, Jay Crouch, Willy Georges

What We Don’t Know

We fully expect to see more elite individuals be announced in the coming days. But the biggest anticipation is the team side of things. With only three male teams announced, there’s a whole lot that is unknown at this time.


What We Know

The best way to catch all the action is to head down to Miami and watch the action in person. Tickets are still available, from Festival to VIP Passes.

What We Don’t Know

We fully expect there to be a livestream again this year, but so far nothing has been formally announced. If there is a livestream, it will be on the Loud and Live Sports YouTube page.

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