2023 CrossFit Games Calendar

Just a few days after releasing several major updates to the upcoming 2023 CrossFit Games season, we now have the key dates of all the stages of competition…from the CrossFit Open to the CrossFit Games.

Here’s a look at the calendar will look like in 2023:

CrossFit Open

The 2023 CrossFit Open will be three weeks, just like last year. The first Open workout will be announced Thursday, February 16 and will run through March 6.


The top 10% of individuals and 25% of teams will advance to the Quarterfinal stage. The Quarterfinals will be an online-based competition again.

Individuals: March 16-19
Teams: March 29-31
Age-Groups: March 31-  April 2


The top 30 in each age group will advance to the online Semifinals. The top 30-60 individuals (depending on the region) and top 20-40 teams (depending on the region) will advance to the in-person Semifinal competition.

Age-Groups: April 28-30 (online)
Individuals/Teams: May 18 – June 4 (3 weekends), in-person

CrossFit Games

The top 40 men, women and teams along with the top 10 in each age-group and top 5 in each adaptive category will compete in Madison, Wisconsin, once again. This year, however, the competition will run six days. However, we don’t yet know which divisions will be competing each day.

CrossFit Games: August 1-6

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