2024 HYROX World Championship Preview of the Women’s Field

The women’s side of Hyrox has taken a leap in depth and performance in the 2023/24 season. But the big story to watch heading into the 2024 World Championships in Nice, France, is the battle for the top spot between the two juggernauts of HYROX. Can second-year superstar Meg Jacoby knock off three-time champion Lauren Weeks?

Before we get into the athletes competing, you can watch the livestream on Friday, June 7, on HYROX.com or the HYROX YouTube channel. The women’s Elite 15 starts at 6:30pm local time (in France), which is 12:30pm Eastern here in the United States.

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Here is what you can expect from the top battle and the field of competitors.

Lauren Weeks (USA)

The three-time champion has had over a year of postpartum training, and the results have been as good as we had imagined. Weeks set a new World Record of an astonishing 58:06 in March at the Vienna Major. Weeks has a polarizing race style, bursting into a brutal pace and daring her opponents to come with her. In recent races, she has shown a bit more restraint in the very early portions of the race, and her results have yielded a European and North American Champion title. She also recently set the world record in DEKAFIT. All signs point to Lauren being as fit and as dangerous as ever. Weeks is also a high-level CrossFit competitor, finishing 60th in the CrossFit open in North America West. Expect to see her grab the pace after the first station of the SkiErg.

Meg Jacoby (USA)

Meg Jacoby is a major home run hitter. Jacoby, the first woman to break the 60-minute barrier, can pop an untouchable race performance. All eyes will be on Jacoby and Weeks as they square off in the rubber match for the 23/24 season, where they are 2-2 at the majors. Plus, both athletes set world records this year. We can expect to see Meg and Lauren separate from the pack early and go head to head through for much of the race.

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Mikaela Norman (Sweden)

The former CrossFit Team Athlete (CrossFit Nordic – 2022 18th fittest team in the world) debuted with a world record time in 2023. Since then, Michaela has been a formidable opponent for the ascending Lauren Weeks and Meg Jacoby. Some persisting health issues have slowed her progress through 2024, but when Michaela is at the top of her game, she is a threat for any position on the podium. If Mikaela is in peak performance shape, expect her to make a move on the sled pull and the rower.

Linda Meier (Germany)

Linda was a favorite to win the 2022 World Championships and let it slip through her hands while finishing second. Meir has big race potential, as she set the world record in early 2023 before experiencing injuries and setbacks toward the second half of the season. She had a disappointing end to 2023 but has been back in form this season, finishing on the podium at all three majors, including a 2nd place finish over Jacoby at the final Major in Washington, DC. Expect to see Linda separating from the chase pack after the sled pull and trying to reign in the front two in the back portions of the race

Vivien Tufuto (USA)

Vivien has finished 4th in every race, all the time, no matter what (that is factually inaccurate – she wins races all the time and stands on the podium at pretty much all non-majors). But Tufuto finished 4th in Chicago and Washington DC and the 2023 World Championships. The former D-1 swimmer has another year of run training under her belt, which is a problem for everyone else. Tufuto is one of the strongest athletes on the ergs and sleds. Think of Vivien like our sports Sam Kwant – she takes care of business under the radar and is always a threat for the podium.

Viola Oberländer (Germany)

Viola is a seasoned athlete when it comes to World Championship events. The 2020 runner-up (to Lauren Weeks) has been in the fold for several seasons, and 2024 is no exception. She has been in podium contention for most of the Majors this season and will mix it up in Nice. She is very aggressive in the early stages of the race and pushes the sled as well as any athlete that will toe the line – sometimes to her detriment. Viola has a shot at the podium if she can manage her effort well in the first 3rd of the race.

Camilla Massa (Italy)

Camilla Massa put on a show at the Anaheim Last Chance Qualifier by beating a solid field wire-to-wire. Massa was the fastest non-elite racer at the 2023 world championships, and she has only built on that momentum. Massa and coach Luca Lorenzoni have put together a solid 2024 season of training, and Camilla has been knocking on the door of the top athletes this past season and will push them from the start. Camilla’s primary weapon is her sled pull and determination.

Amy Bevilacqua (USA)

Bevilacqua has the pedigree of any athlete in the field. She is an absolute workhorse with an extensive triathlete background. Bevilacqua has identified weaknesses and has drilled them home to find herself in one of the final qualifying spots at the Anaheim LCQ. She will be one of the best runners in the field, full stop. Oh, and she is 52 years old with five kids.

The top of the women’s field is absolutely elite, and the depth of the field has improved dramatically over the years. The 2024 race is the best women’s field assembled and will deliver dominating performances from the top athletes and a group of hard-charging, hungry athletes to fill out the top 10.

About the Author

Rich Ryan is an Elite coach and Elite 15 Hyrox athlete. Co-founder of RMR Training and host of the RMR Training Podcast and Race Brain Podcast.

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