2024 Masters CrossFit Games Announces New Divisions, Location & Dates

The 2024 Masters CrossFit Games are headed to Birmingham, Alabama. The top athletes from 35 to 65+ years old will compete over four days from August 29 to September 1, the same weekend as the Teenage CrossFit Games.

As for the Team competition, it will be Teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) just like the elite team competition. There will be three age group divisions for the team competition:

  • 20 teams ages 35-44
  • 20 teams ages 45-54
  • 10 teams ages 55+

To participate in the team division, athletes must register for Quarterfinals. Details about registration and how qualifying through the season structure have not yet been announced.

The announcement by CrossFit did not specify the venue in which the athletes would be competing, however it is anticipated that it will take place at the 750,000-square foot Birmingham Crossplex. That’s the same location that was rumored by some to be the next host of the CrossFit Games.

Update: The Masters CrossFit Games will be held at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.

The announcement of the location and dates of the Masters CrossFit Games was the last of the three competitions spun off from the elite individuals and teams. Here is the schedule of all four CrossFit Games competitions.

  • CrossFit Games (Ft. Worth, TX) August 8-11
  • Masters CrossFit Games (Birmingham, AL) August 29 – September 1
  • Teenage CrossFit Games (Kalamazoo, MI) August 29 – September 1
  • Adaptive CrossFit Games (San Antonio, TX) September 19-22
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