30 Ring Muscle-Ups for Time, Individual Event 2

A day after Dave Castro shared a photo of gymnastics rings for individual event #2 of the 2018 CrossFit Games, we now know the details of the event.

30 muscle-ups for time.

It’s that simple. Castro’s comment on Twitter read, “Which athletes do this unbroken?”

So who can go unbroken?

A couple names come to mind…Cody Anderson, Noah Ohlsen and Mat Fraser.

Cody Anderson was the only athlete back in 2014 to do the Muscle-up Biathlon unbroken. The first set of muscle-ups was 18. Noah Ohlsen has shown his ability to string together a ridiculous number of muscle-ups on social media. Can he do it when the lights are on? And of course Mat Fraser. He is going to be in the mix and will do what he can to finish in one set.

Who else will we see stay on the rings til the end?

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