Andrew Hiller Banned From Competing in 2024 CrossFit Games Season

In an announcement by Dave Castro on his personal Instagram page, Andrew Hiller has been banned from competing in the 2024 CrossFit Open. Castro, General Manager of Sport and Education at CrossFit, stated the decision is based upon Hiller’s open admission of using performance enhancing drugs which violate CrossFit’s drug policy.

Castro added that Hiller was notified via email that he would not be allowed to compete this season. Castro then said the situation was unique in that the ban has been enforced because of open admission of using PEDs rather than failing a drug test.

Hiller registered for the 2024 CrossFit Open under the CrossFit Chief Nation affiliate. He has competed in the Open every year since 2014.

The ban prevents Hiller from competing in the 2024 CrossFit Open and any subsequent stages that he might qualify for in the season (i.e. Quarterfinals or Semifinals). It is unclear, however, whether this ruling would apply to future CrossFit Games seasons.

Castro did state that Hiller has the opportunity to appeal CrossFit’s decision. Details on the timeline or process was not clarified.

After reaching out to Hiller about the ban, he commented, “I do find it interesting that last year I was able to sign up and my scores were not removed. I did not input any scores, and if I’m correct, I do think that my name is still on the 2023 leaderboard.”

When asked if he would appeal, Hiller said, “The only reason I would appeal would be to see what they would do with it. In a perfect situation, they drop a potential four year sanction to a two-year sanction. Or they would need to send someone out to conduct a drug test.” He added, “In either scenario, I’m just happy that they did this as it sets a precedent for the future.”

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