Another 29 Individuals and 15 Teams Earn Their Ticket to the 2023 CrossFit Games

Three Semifinal competitions took place Memorial Day weekend with 240 individual athletes and 80 teams vying for a coveted qualifying spot to the CrossFit Games. However, of those only 29 individuals and 15 teams would walk away with a Games berth.

The North America West, Oceania and South America Semifinals featured well-known veteran athletes along with those looking to make a name for themselves. Athletes like Justin Medeiros, Pat Vellner, Arielle Loewen, Ellie Turner and Victoria Campos all qualified out of their respective regions. They were joined by several soon-to-be Games rookies such as Kelly Baker, Olivia Kerstetter, Jake Douglas and Kaique Cerveny to name a few.

But while those were celebrating, not everyone was on the right side of the cut line. Dani Speegle, Gui Malheiros, Sydney Michalyshen and Tudor Magda were among several veterans who will not be returning to Madison this August.

Games Bound

So here are the 29 individuals and 15 teams who have qualified for the 2023 CrossFit Games. In total, four men and five women will be making their rookie debut as an individual at this year’s CrossFit Games.


Men Women
Pat Vellner (NAW) Alex Gazan (NAW)
Brent Fikowski (NAW) Katrin Davidsdottir (NAW)
Sam Kwant (NAW) Arielle Loewen (NAW)
Cole Greashaber (NAW) Christine Kolenbrander (NAW)
Justin Medeiros (NAW) Bethany Shadburne (NAW)
Chandler Smith (NAW) Emily Rolfe (NAW)
Nick Mathew (NAW) Olivia Kerstetter* (NAW)
Colten Mertens (NAW) Abigail Domit* (NAW)
Cole Sager (NAW) Baylee Rayl (NAW)
Jay Crouch (Oceania) Kelly Baker* (NAW)
Bayley Martin* (Oceania) Ellie Turner (Oceania)
Jake Douglas* (Oceania) Jamie Simmonds (Oceania)
Kaique Cerveny* (S. America) Emily de Rooy* (Oceania)
Kalyan Souza* (S. America) Victoria Campos (S. America)
  Alexia Williams* (S. America)

*denotes rookie appearance as individual athlete at CrossFit Games


CrossFit Franco’s Misfits (NAW)
CrossFit Invictus (NAW)
CrossFit Omnia (NAW)
CrossFit Kilo II (NAW)
Koda CrossFit Redemption (NAW)
CrossFit Invictus Unconquerable (NAW)
Rhino CrossFit Dawgs (NAW)
CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green (NAW)
Einhorn CrossFit Ascend (NAW)
CrossFit Believe (NAW)
CrossFit Torian Mayhem (Oceania)
Plus64 CrossFit 64Army Endgame (Oceania)
PFC CrossFit 3076 (Oceania)
Templo SA CrossFit Blacksheep Treta (S. America)
Q21 CrossFit (S. America)


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