Canada, Iceland (Unofficially) Top the Open Leaderboard

The 2020 CrossFit Open has come to an end. And while the results are not official (the video for 20.3, 20.4 and 20.5 have yet to be concluded), Canada and Iceland are well represented atop the leaderboard.

Canada holds the #1 and #2 spots on the men’s leaderboard while Iceland holds the same top two places on the women’s.

Just one point separates Pat Vellner and Jeff Adler on the men’s leaderboard. Both competing for Canada, Vellner slid in front of Adler after taking 4th on 20.5 while Adler finished 11th worldwide. As it stands now, Vellner has 67 points to Adler’s 68. Mat Fraser sits in 3rd place with 80 points.

Canada has six male athletes currently in a “Top 20” qualifying spot.

On the women’s side, it is déjà vu from last year. Sara Sigmundsdottir is once again in 1st place followed by fellow Icelander Annie Thorisdottir. Sigmundsdottir has an astonishing 26 points while Thorisdottir has 45. Sigmundsdottir’s worst finish was 15th on 20.3. The two women are followed by 2019 CrossFit Games runner-up Kristin Holte.

Katrin Davidsdottir, also from Iceland, is in 25th place overall and in a “Top 20” qualifying spot.

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