CrossFit Announced Drug Test Sanctions While We Were Watching Rogue Invitational

While all eyes in the CrossFit world were focused on the final day of the Rogue Invitational, CrossFit, Inc. announced two more sanctions following failed drug tests on Sunday. Taylor Streid and Nasser Alruwayeh received both received sanctions following in-competition drug tests at Semifinals competitions earlier this year.

According to CrossFit’s announcement, Streid, a member of Team Blues City CrossFit Gold, tested positive for ostarine. Streid is the second member of the team to test positive for ostarine. Stephen Wallace also tested positive for the banned substance.

But while Wallace’s failed test was announced on June 29, this is the first time Streid’s drug test has been announced. However, Streid was the first athlete to receive a suspension from CrossFit as she received a 4-year sanction until May 22, 2022.

Streid took to Instagram last night and shared her side of the story:

“Yes, I received a positive test for Ostarine after the Syndicate Crown semi-final this season, BUT that’s not this picture. The first picture is actually a positive test from an independent lab of a supplement I had tested. For those close to me, they know I wouldn’t knowingly take a banned substance. For those that aren’t, here is a look into my dealings with CrossFit.

I traditionally don’t take any supplements such as pre-workout, protein shakes, creatine, etc. b/c In my 10+ years in CrossFit I’m hyper aware of the risks of contamination in non-regulated products. Due to a quick turnaround on the last events at Syndicate Crown, my teammate and I added a simple NSF Certified electrolyte packet to our water. Keyword: NSF Certified.

I did my due diligence on these electrolytes to ensure they were safe for use on their company website and the NSF website, approval is listed on both. I did the same due diligence last season when I took the exact same supplement during the WCC and since our team qualified for the Games, we were drug tested; my results were negative.

I’ve been working on my appeal with CrossFit HQ for nearly 4 months since my original notification on 7/6. My teammate and I tested the one thing we both ingested, and it was positive for Ostarine. We worked with the lab director to determine what the levels of Ostarine were and how this supplement could have been contaminated. They stated the levels of Ostarine were consistent with intentional addition at the manufacturer level adding they “definitely have seen this before.”

Throughout this process we have been entirely transparent with HQ giving them full access to speak to both the electrolyte manufacturer and testing laboratory. They chose to postpone announcing my positive drug test notification due to this supplement being NSF certified. According to the CrossFit rulebook, the length of suspension will be determined by CrossFit LLC on a case-by-case basis. Traditionally, finding the source of contamination has resulted in a reduced sanction, so I am surprised that this was not my case.

I am obviously very disappointed and heartbroken that I’m sanctioned with what I feel is an unjust full 4 years. As an athlete it’s a helpless feeling – following policies and still being shut out. This case seems to be final, but there are inconsistencies and contradictions that need to be discussed – including how an athlete has no leg to stand on in this sport when it comes down to it. 

There’s so much more to say. But for now, I wanted you all to hear about this from me. More to come…”

Stephen Wallace’s failed test is still under appeal and has yet to receive a sanction from CrossFit.

As for Alruwayeh, the 2nd place finisher at the Far East Throwdown, tested positive for GW1516. Alruwayeh appealed CrossFit’s finding upon hearing he had failed a drug test.

And now, several months later CrossFit has handed down a reduced 2-year sanction. Alruwayeh will not be allowed to compete in CrossFit competitions until June 5, 2024.

It is unclear why Alruwayeh received the reduced sanction. However, CrossFit has a precedent for reducing the sanction in cases where the athlete can prove a supplement was tainted. That was the case last month when Pedro Martins received a 2-year sanction when his pre-workout supplement was tainted with clomiphene.

Alruwayeh made headlines last week when he competed at WOD Mayhem in Bahrain and won the competition while his case was still under appeal with CrossFit.

We have reached out to CrossFit, Inc. and Alruwayeh for additional detail surrounding the reduced sanction. We will provide updates when we get more information.

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