CrossFit Conducted Five Out-of-Competition Drug Tests This Summer

Over the past three years CrossFit has published the list of athletes it has drug tested outside of competition. Last year, 30 athletes receive an out-of-competition drug test. Earlier this year CrossFit conducted eight out-of-competition drug tests in its first series of drug testing, which we reported on back on May 8.

Now, over the summer, CrossFit conducted another round of drug tests. In total, five athletes were required to submit an out-of-competition drug test in which all five samples came back negative. Those athletes included Alex Gazan, Jeff Adler, Brent Fikowski, Pat Vellner and Dallin Pepper.

All five athletes finished in the top 5 at the 2023 CrossFit Games. So in addition to the out-of-competition drug test they were also tested after Semifinals and at the CrossFit Games.

So far this year, CrossFit has conducted 13 out-of-competition drug tests that have come back negative. Here is the list of athletes who have been tested outside of competition in 2023:

  • Gabriela Migala
  • Laura Horvath
  • Emma Lawson
  • Mal O’Brien
  • Justin Medeiros
  • Roman Khrennikov
  • Ricky Garard
  • Sam Kwant
  • Alex Gazan
  • Jeff Adler
  • Brent Fikowski
  • Dallin Pepper
  • Pat Vellner
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