CrossFit Krypton Wins Event 3

The teams began day two with a sprint test of gymnastic skills and upper body strength.

As a relay (F/M/F/M), complete:
(F1 and M1)
400-m Assault Air Runner
10 dumbbell bench presses (90/60)
15 pistols, leg 1
15 pistols, leg 2
3 handstand pirouettes
(F2 and M2)
400-m Assault Air Runner
15 dumbbell bench presses (90/60)
10 pistols, leg 1
10 pistols, leg 2
3 handstand pirouettes

Only two teams in the first heat were able to finish under the 16 minute time cap in CrossFit Crash Black and CrossFit 1977.

The ladies started off on the run at a blistering pace. CrossFit Mayhem Independence’s Kyra Milligan sped through her pistols and followed up with a well executed run on her three handstand pirouettes to put Mayhem Independence in an early lead. Close behind were AB CrossFit – Mayhem and CrossFit CLT.

Mayhem Independence’s Angelo Dicicco maintained the lead from Milligan through the run, bench presses, and pistols, but it was CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247’s Will Carter and CrossFit East Nashville PRVN’s Tim Paulson who aggressively closed the gap on the leaders and began the pirouettes at the same time as Dicicco. Paulson won the battle taking the lead for East Nashville PRVN with Dicicco and Carter following behind.

A perfect run on the pistols launched CrossFit Krypton’s Caroline Spencer past East Nashville PRVN’s Taylor Williamson who caught a no rep on her second set of 10 pistols. Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 moved into second place with two costly drops from Williamson on her pirouettes.

2015 Fittest Man on Earth Ben Smith distanced Krypton from Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 through the bench presses and pistols so much that a misstep on Smith’s third pirouette and subsequent no rep wasn’t enough for Move Fast Lift Heavy 247’s Christian Harris to take the win. A speedy pirouette performance from Tola Morakinyo secured third in the heat and in the test for East Nashville PRVN.

Event Standings
1) CrossFit Krypton – 13:42.58
2) CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 – 13:49.53
3) CrossFit East Nashville PRVN – 14:08.15
4) CrossFit PSC Invasion – 14:11.62
5) AB CrossFit – Mayhem – 14:33.42

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