CrossFit Unveils Minimum Qualifying Spots for Each Semifinal

This afternoon CrossFit has shared more details around the new worldwide ranking system that will be used to determine how many qualification spots are available at each Semifinal competition. Three weeks after changes were initially laid out by CrossFit, we now have some clarity on how many guaranteed qualifying spots will be up for grabs at each Semifinal and a little more context behind how the worldwide rankings will be calculated.

Minimum Qualifying Spots for each Semifinal

  • North America East: 5
  • North America West: 5
  • Europe: 5
  • Oceania: 3
  • South America: 2
  • Asia: 2
  • Africa: 1

These are the minimum number of spots guaranteed to qualify for the CrossFit Games out of each Semifinal. After those 23 spots are filled, CrossFit will allocate the remaining 17 spots based on the worldwide ranking.

At the close of Quarterfinals, CrossFit will award those spots to the Semifinals so the athletes know where the cut line will be.

Worldwide Ranking System

While the details are still a bit fuzzy. We now have more insight on what data they will be looking at. CrossFit will take the previous two years of an athlete’s performance in the CrossFit season (Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Games) to calculate a ranking system. The further an athlete makes it through the season, the higher the ranking.

However, we still don’t know how this plays out in the calculations. Those details are yet to be shared. CrossFit intends to share more details before the start of the Open, February 16, 2023.

Stay tuned!

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