CrossFit Unveils New Logo for 2024 CrossFit Games

Yesterday, CrossFit revealed a new logo design for the 2024 CrossFit Games. The move comes as NOBULL, the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games, ended its relationship after the past three seasons. The new logo does not incorporate a title sponsor that has been a staple of the logo since 2011 when Reebok became a sponsor of the CrossFit Games.

“For this project, we forged a new path, creating a logo that stands on its own, a crest that symbolizes protection and movement, and a modular system that can be applied to various media types and platforms,” said Erick Diaz-Soto, CrossFit Creative Art Director.

2024 CrossFit Games logo in colorDiaz-Soto added, “We also injected some color into the monochromatic palette, making the logo more vibrant and dynamic. We are proud of our work, and we hope that it will inspire, empower and motivate the community and athletes of the CrossFit Games as we enter a new year and build on our collective commitment to health and fitness.”

The new ‘modular’ logo includes a logo, crest and monogram. It also features a short-name logo format to reflect the various stages of the competition season (i.e. Open, Quarterfinals, etc).

“The crest’s significance as an image of protection and movement is symbolic of CrossFit more broadly and how it protects its practitioners from poor health and moves us toward fitness,” Diaz commented.

He continued, “It forms a ‘G’ shape with its open right side where the Games logo is set just outside the shield, which is symbolic of how CrossFit breaks the mold, remains against the grain, and creates a community that values movement and openness.”

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