Dani Speegle, Will Moorad Lead Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge After Day 2

After two days and four events at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (MACC) in Washington, DC, Dani Speegle and Will Moorad lead the individual competitions. Saturday featured three events with five scored elements, including a max snatch and clean & jerk event. The day ended with a brutal triplet of dumbbell squat cleans, toes-to-bar and double-unders.

Dani Speegle has already qualified for the CrossFit Games via her Open finish, but that has not stopped her from competing in her 4th Sanctional event of the season. Speegle entered the MACC as the favorite to win the competition and she has not disappointed. Speegle won both the snatch and clean & jerk totals worth 50 points each. Speegle easily snatched 215 pounds and followed that up with a 255-pound clean & jerk.

Since Speegle has already secured her trip to the CrossFit Games, the rest of the women’s field is fighting for a CrossFit Games invite. Meg Reardon and Katie Trombetta have pulled away from the rest of the field and are in a battle for 2nd place. Trombetta could have already qualified for the CrossFit Games as she is the next athlete in via the Open if someone ahead of her declines their individual invitation to the CrossFit Games.

Standings after Day 2
1) Dani Speegle (474 pts)
2) Meg Reardon (438)
3) Katie Trombetta (429)

On the men’s side, Will Moorad is looking to get back to the CrossFit Games. Moorad, who finished 14th at the 2014 CrossFit Games, has dealt with injuries and health issues that almost knocked him out of competitive CrossFit. But with a year of solid training, Moorad leads a men’s field with several other Games veterans including Marquan Jones, Paul Castillo and Samuel Kwant.

Moorad stormed to the lead early Saturday morning after taking 1st place in the snatch after lifting 290 pounds. Moorad followed that up with a 345-pound clean & jerk for 5th place. Moorad would take 2nd with his combined total. Moorad, however, struggled on the final event of the day, Event 5, where he would finish 17th. Fortunately, Kwant and Jones who were right behind Moorad also had their worst finish of the weekend.

Moorad finishes Day 2 with a slight lead over Kwant and Castillo. But while Moorad is looking to win the MACC, the more important battle is to stay ahead of Jones as Kwant and Castillo have already qualified for the Games via the Open. Moorad leads Jones by 23 points.

Standings after Day 2
1) Will Moorad (382 pts)
2) Samuel Kwant (370)
3) Paul Castillo (361)
4) Marquan Jones (359)

Sunday is the final day of the MACC Sanctional. Athletes will face at least four scored events beginning at 8:45am Eastern.

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