Danijela Hodges Receives 4-Year Sanction for Violating Drug Testing Policy

The first athlete to receive a sanction in 2023 for violating CrossFit’s Drug Testing Policy is master’s athlete, Danijela Hodges. In the women’s 50-54 age group division, Hodges failed to submit a drug test when notified by CrossFit.

Because Hodges did not submit to a drug test that was to be conducted on March 19, 2023, CrossFit has issued a four-year sanction to the Australian masters athlete.

Hodges finished 20th in the world during the 2023 CrossFit Open and was slated to advance to the Age Group Quarterfinals later that month. However, after not to taking a drug test between the two stages, Hodges did not register for the Quarterfinals thereby ending her season.

With the four-year ban, Hodges will not be able to compete until the 2028 CrossFit Games season.

A request for comment from Danijela was not immediately returned.

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