Dave Castro Promises 18.4 “Will Be Special”

From the outset, Dave Castro said that this year’s Open will change how people think about this stage of the CrossFit Games. Could 18.4 be the workout that does this?

Through three weeks we have seen two new movements in the Open – dumbbell clean & jerk and dumbbell squats. The 1 RM also reappeared, albeit in a different format from 15.1a.

So what could Castro have up his sleeve?

In the photo posted only on Twitter, Castro frames up a handwritten “18.4” below printed sheets of paper showing the 2016 and 2017 CrossFit Open workouts.

Maybe a repeat? Would that be enough to be called special?

Or could it be a new movement that changes the Open? Possibly a handstand walk or even a run?

Our guess is as good as yours…we’ll just have to wait until Scott Panchik and Bjorvgin Gudmundsson take on 18.4 from Goodyear, Arizona.

YouTube video

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