Emily Claw, Tudor Magda Post Top Scores for 24.2

The score submission window for Open Workout 24.2 closed last night. After all the rowing, deadlifts and double-unders, Tudor Magda and Emily Claw stood atop the worldwide leaderboard. The leaderboard, however, is not final until CrossFit completes its final review.

Magda was the only athlete in the world to post a score over 1,000 reps. He completed 11 rounds and 11 reps on the rower for a score of 1,001! In 2nd place was Henrik Haapalainen and 3rd place was a tie between Dallin Pepper and Jonne Koski.

On the women’s leaderboard, Emily Claw racked up 926 reps, beating out Hanna Karlsson by just one rep. Claw finished with 10 round and 26 reps on the rower. And in 3rd place was Grace Walton with 917 reps.

While most are familiar with the athletes in the top 3 on the men’s and women’s side, it is less likely many know much about Emily Claw. Emily, 27, has competed in the CrossFit Open every year since 2020. Since 2021 she has done enough to advance to Quarterfinals, yet has never registered the past three seasons.

Last year and this year Claw has registered for the Open under the CrossFit Walleye affiliate, home to Mia Hesketh.

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