Emily Rolfe Answers Fan Questions About Her Blood Clot and Surgery

Emily Rolfe’s 2022 CrossFit Games didn’t pan out as he had hoped. After the first event on Day 1, Rolfe withdrew from the competition and had emergency vascular surgery to remove multiple blood clots in her arm.

Now, almost two weeks after her surgery, Rolfe took to Instagram to answer questions from her fans. As expected, quite a few were around the blood clots, surgery and recovery.

Rolfe showed an image of the scars on her arm and indicated that she should be able to get back to training in about a month. But for now, she’s limited in what she can do and is still wearing a protective sleeve.

Rolfe also addressed a fan’s question about the cause of the blood clotting…asking whether she thought it was due to the COVID-19 vaccine she received. Rolfe admitted that she has been getting a lot of questions about it. She said it could have been from many things, but did say it could be from the vaccine, getting COVID, dry needling or just a “totally freak thing.” She went on to say that “because of my line of work and what I am surrounded in, at the time it was more of a risk to not get the vaccine.”

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