ESPN Platforms to Broadcast 2024 CrossFit Games

ESPN will broadcast the 2024 CrossFit Games again for the second consecutive year. In a joint announcement by CrossFit and ESPN, the Games will be broadcast across ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN+ across all four days of competition.

The different platforms will broadcast different segments of the competition. ESPN+ will feature every heat of over day’s competition. ESPN and ESPN2 telecasts will feature the top heats all four days along with highlights of top performances. Additionally, fans will be able to watch the live coverage on the CrossFit Games YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitch (minus ESPN’s exclusive two-hour windows below).

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With that, ESPN platforms will provide exclusive coverage in the United States during a two-hour block each day. Fans in the U.S. will only be able to watch those two-hour windows via an ESPN platform.

ESPN Exclusive Coverage Windows (all times Eastern)

Thursday, Aug. 8 7-9 p.m. ESPN2 & ESPN+
Friday, Aug. 9 9-11 p.m. ESPN2 & ESPN+
Saturday, Aug. 10 2-4 p.m. ESPN2 & ESPN+
Sunday, Aug. 11 4-6 p.m. ESPN & ESPN+

Viewers outside the United States will be able to watch the telecast on the normal channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch) during the exclusivity windows. Fans in the U.S. will be able to replay the coverage during the exclusivity windows on YouTube 12 hours after the original broadcast.

“In 2023, ESPN gave CrossFit fans access to the largest ecosystem in sports, providing exciting new ways to enjoy the Games while also inspiring many people to visit a local affiliate for the first time,” said Don Faul, CEO of CrossFit. “The quality and reach of coverage ESPN provides is unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to work with them to showcase the fittest athletes on Earth once again.”

2024 CrossFit Games Schedule

The complete schedule for the 2024 CrossFit Games has not yet been released. However, the exclusivity windows do provide some clues regarding the timing of events.

For example, Friday Night Lights at Farrington Field begins at 8:00 p.m. local time (9:00 p.m. Eastern). With ESPN having exclusivity rights for two hours, the athletes will be competing over the course of those two hours.

On Sunday, the final event for individuals and teams will likely take place in the exclusivity window.

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