Everything You Need to Know for Individual Quarterfinals

The second stage of the 2024 CrossFit Games season is almost here. The top 25% of individuals or age groups have been invited to register and compete this week. For the Open division, the top athletes will advance to in-person Semifinals next month. The top 200 age group athletes in each division will also advance to Semifinals, but it will once again be an online competition.

So with even more athletes competing in Quarterfinals this year, here is everything you need to know…HERO Barbell Hero - Banner


Both the Open division and age group athletes will do the same Quarterfinals. For those who qualified for both the Open division and an age group division, only one registration fee is required. Registration is open now and runs through the close of the first score submission window, Saturday, April 20, at 5:00pm Pacific Time. The cost to register is $50 USD.


The workouts will be released at 3:00pm Eastern (12:00pm Pacific) on Wednesday afternoon.

From there, athletes will have until Saturday, April 20, at 5:00pm Pacific Time to submit their scores for the first submission window. The second submission window is on Monday, April 22, at 5:00pm Pacific Time. The exact number of workouts that will need to be submitted by each submission window will be released when the workouts are revealed.

Equipment Needed?

CrossFit has not published an official equipment list like previous years. Instead, Dave Castro has told affiliates during a town hall that most affiliates have all the equipment needed for this stage of the competition. Rope climbs and GHD sit-ups were staples in Quarterfinals the previous three years, however, many are currently speculating that neither will be used this year.

Floor plans are also likely to be non-existent or very minimal this year, similar to this year’s CrossFit Open.

If you are doing Quarterfinals from your garage, it is highly likely you will need the same equipment as you normally would for the Open. Don’t be surprised if ring muscle-ups, wall balls, handstand push-ups and heavier dumbbells are programmed.

Do I Need a Video?

The answer depends on where you think you will fall on the leaderboard. For individuals in the Open division, Section 2.08 of the rulebook states that the top 60 men and 60 women in each region are required to submit video of all workouts when their submit their scores.

For age group athletes, the top 250 women/girls and 250 men/boys must be prepared to submit video of all workouts at the time their scores are submitted. Once the second submission window closes, CrossFit will select one workout video to review. Athletes will have 24 hours to provide any requested videos. Failure to provide requested video(s) in that time frame will result in a score of “0”.

When submitted your scores, they are submitted in a similar fashion as the Open. If you are not in contention to advance to Semifinals, you will need to complete the workout at a CrossFit affiliate or submit a video if you perform the workout somewhere else.

If you are in contention to qualify, make sure to follow guidelines in Appendix D of the 2024 CrossFit Games rulebook and have your videos ready to submit at a minimum.

Leaderboard Finalization

CrossFit will finalize the individual Open division leaderboard by no later than April 29. The age group leaderboard will be finalized by May 1.

The top 40 men and 40 women in each region will advance to Semifinals.

The top 200 men/boys and 200 women/girls in each division will advance to the Age Group Semifinals.

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