Dave Castro Shares New Details Around Upcoming Quarterfinals

CrossFit hosted a virtual Affiliate Town Hall this morning. During the town hall, Dave Castro shared some big news about the upcoming individual quarterfinals.


Individual Quarterfinals will feature “four” workouts, according to Castro. Now, before you say that’s not enough to narrow the field down to the top 40 in each Semifinal region, Castro said four workouts, not four scored events.

So there’s a possibility, and probably rather likely, that at least one workout has two scored parts.

With four workouts, it likely means that scores for the first two workouts will be due in the first submission window and the other two in the second and final window. 

First window: Wednesday, April 17, at 12pm PT to Saturday, April 20, at 5pm PT
Second window: Saturday, April 20, at 5pm PT to Monday, April 22, at 5pm PT


In previous years, floor plans were released several days before the workout descriptions were revealed. This gave time for affiliate owners and training camps to figure out configurations needed to accommodate their athletes doing Quarterfinals.

This year, however, floor plans will be released at the same time as the workouts. The first thing that comes to mind with this is that the floor plans will not be as complex as last year.


And finally, the workouts will come with affiliate lesson plans to help affiliate owners and coaches program the Quarterfinal workouts into their regular class programming. By doing this, CrossFit is doing its best to make the Quarterfinal workouts fit in most affiliates.

The question then is, will the workouts feature elements that not every affiliate has (or has enough for a class setting) such as rope climbs and GHD Sit-ups.

All of that will be answered soon enough. Until then, Team Quarterfinals begin next week.

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