Here’s How to Join the 2024 CrossFit Games Online Review Team

CrossFit is now accepting applications for online judges for the 2024 CrossFit Games season. With Quarterfinals and the Age-Group Semifinals taking place online, CrossFit conducts video review of workout submissions for athletes looking to advance to the next stage.

The only requirement to become an online judge is to take and pass the 2024 CrossFit Judges Course. However, having a current CrossFit Level 1 Certificate is highly recommended.

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Those who are accepted into the Online Review Team will be asked to review video submissions from the Team Quarterfinals (April 5-13), Individual Quarterfinals (April 19-27), Age Group Quarterfinals (April 19-27) and Age Group Semifinals (May 10-19). Those participating will receive the following compensation:

  • Team Quarterfinals: $250
  • Individual Quarterfinals: $300
  • Age-Group Quarterfinals: $300
  • Age-Group Semifinals: $350

To apply, click the link here.

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