2024 CrossFit Games Season Calendar & Changes Announced

We knew it was coming thanks to Dave Castro’s Week in Review, but CrossFit has officially announced the format of the 2024 CrossFit Games season. With the age group and adaptive divisions getting spun off to outside partners, we now get insight into what some of those changes are (spoiler: more athletes and more adaptive divisions will be at their respective CrossFit Games).

Outside of the changes to the age group and adaptive divisions, the biggest change to the 2024 season is the expansion of Quarterfinals. Previously only the top 10% from the Open qualified for Quarterfinals. But in 2024, that number expands to 25%!

Below we outline the 2024 CrossFit Games calendar and the season structure for every division. Use the links below to jump to the specific section.


The Open

February 29 – March 3 Open 24.1
March 7 – 11 Open 24.2
March 14 – 18 Open 24.3


April 3 – 8 Team
April 17 – 22 Individuals & Age Groups
N/A Adaptive


May 8 – 13 Age Groups & Adaptive
TBA Individuals & Teams

CrossFit Games

August 8 – 11 Individuals & Teams
TBA Masters, Teens & Adaptive



For the individual and team athletes, the 2024 CrossFit Games season has the least amount of changes, especially for those who are in the hunt for one of the spots at the Games. There are some changes to the number of athletes advancing to each stage, but overall the season structure is the same.

The Open

All divisions, whether individual, team, age group or adaptive, will take on the three-week CrossFit Open beginning February 29. That is two weeks later than the 2023 CrossFit Open. Other than the timing, everything is still the same as it comes to the Open for the individual athletes.


In 2024, even more athletes will advance to Quarterfinals. The top 25% of individuals and teams in each region (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America East, North America West, Oceania and South America) will be invited to compete in the second stage of the season. Last year only the top 10% from each region advanced to Quarterfinals.

As for timing, the individuals will get more time while the teams will get less turnaround time between the Open and Quarterfinals.

Last year, only 10 days separated the end of the Open and the start of Quarterfinals for the individuals. In 2024, Quarterfinals for the Individuals start on April 17, which is just over three weeks later.

Teams, however, will get less time than they did in 2023. Team Quarterfinals begin April 3, just 16 days after the Open.


The Semifinals will be the in-person competition for the Individual athletes. But like Quarterfinals, the number of athletes advancing to this stage is also changing.

The top 40 men and women and top 30 teams from each region will advance to Semifinals. Last year, the big 3 (North America East & West and Europe) had 60 men and women while the four smaller regions had a field of 30 athletes (teams had 40 for the large regions and 20 for the smaller regions). This year the field will be the same across every region.

As for the when and where, that information will come later. We do know that the Semifinals will take place three consecutive weekends between May 9 and June 2 per the RFP that was made public last April. That information should be coming shortly, so stay tuned.

CrossFit Games

We already know the CrossFit Games are heading to Ft. Worth, Texas, from August 8-11. The Individuals and Teams will compete in Ft. Worth while the Masters, Teens and Adaptive athletes will compete at a different venue at a different time.

As for the number of athletes and teams qualifying to the CrossFit Games, 40 men, 40 women and 30 teams will compete in Ft. Worth, Texas. That is the same number of individual athletes, but eight less teams. 

Last year the number of individuals qualifying to the CrossFit Games from each region was based on the D’Hondt method and the World Wide Ranking. For teams, it was a predetermined amount for each region. With the field size being the same for each region and eight fewer teams, it appears that the methodology and/or amount of athletes/teams from qualifying from each region could change.


Here is where things are changing. Last month CrossFit formally announced the worst kept secret – that the Legends Championship would host the Masters CrossFit Games and the Pit Teen Throwdown would host the Teenage CrossFit Games. With that change, more Masters and Teen athletes will have the opportunity to compete at each stage of the competition, including the CrossFit Games.

The Open

No change here. Still the same three weeks as the Individuals.


In the second stage of the season, the top 25% of each age group from every region will advance to Quarterfinals with a minimum of 200 athletes from each group. Last year it was just the top 10% worldwide who advanced to Quarterfinals for the Age Groups. This year every region will advance the top 25% to the next stage.

The Age Group Quarterfinals will be held April 17-22, alongside the individual Quarterfinals.


The Age Group Semifinals will remain an online competition, similar to previous years. But in 2024, many more will receive an invite to Semifinals. The top 200 worldwide in the Quarterfinals from each age group will now advance to the last online stage. Last year only the top 30 qualified to Semifinals.

The Age Group Semifinals will take place May 8-13.

CrossFit Games

One of the benefits of partnering with the Legends Championship and the Pit Teen Throwdown was the ability to expand the athlete field at the CrossFit Games. And that’s exactly what is happening in 2024.

The top 30 teens from each age division will compete at the Teenage CrossFit Games in Three Rivers, Michigan. The date of the Games will be announced at a later time.

As for Masters, the number advancing will depend on the division. However, the largest divisions will now feature 40 men and 40 women.

35-39 40 men/women
40-44 40 men/women
45-49 40 men/women
50-54 30 men/women
55-59 30 men/women
60-65 20 men/women
65+ 20 men/women


The location and dates of the Masters CrossFit Games will be announced at a later date.


Similar to the Age Groups, CrossFit has partnered with an outside organization, WheelWOD, to run the Adaptive CrossFit. With the partnership, adaptive athletes will now get an additional stage of competition along with more divisions to compete in-person at the Adaptive CrossFit Games.

The Open

The Adaptive athletes will compete alongside the individuals, teens and age group athletes during the same three weeks. WheelWOD will program the Open workouts.


Previously, only three divisions advanced to the CrossFit Games straight from the CrossFit Open. For the other divisions, the Open was the championship.

Now in 2024, a second qualifying stage has been added. The top 20 athletes from each adaptive division will advance to the Adaptive CrossFit Semifinal by WheelWOD from May-13.

CrossFit Games

The top 10 adaptive athletes from all 15 divisions will qualify for the Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD. 

Adaptive Divisions will include:
o Upper Impairment 1 Point of Contact
o Upper Impairment 2 Points of Contact
o Lower Impairment Above Knee
o Lower Impairment Below Knee
o Lower Impairment Minor
o Seated Without Hip Function
o Seated With Hip Function
o Seated Quadriplegic
o Neuromuscular Major
o Neuromuscular Moderate
o Neuromuscular Minor
o Standing Diagnosed
o Visual Impairment
o Short Stature
o Intellectual

The date and location of the Adaptive CrossFit Games will be announced at a later date.

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