Jayson Hopper Steps Up to Win Workout 1 at Taylor Self vs The World

The guys hit their third workout of the 2024 CrossFit Quarterfinals as part of Taylor Self vs the World this morning. After doing workouts 3 & 4 yesterday, they took on Workout 1 live from CrossFit Crash. Jayson Hopper chased down Dallin Pepper in the final round to win the workout.

Workout 1 was a ‘Fight Gone Bad’ interval style workout featuring snatches, rowing and dumbbell step-ups.

Hopper finished with 260 reps, three ahead of Pepper’s 257. Taylor Self took 3rd place with 249 reps and Colten Mertens finished with 219 reps.

YouTube video

After three workouts Self, Pepper and Hopper are tied for 1st place for the top prize of $5,000. 

Standings after 3 Workouts:
T1) Self – 7
T1) Pepper – 7
T1) Hopper – 7
4) Mertens – 9

In the battle between Fee Saghafi and Lindsey Lane, Saghafi finished with 206 reps while Lane completed 182 reps.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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