Nisler, Williamson Add Paulson and Morakinyo to Form Team PRVN

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds…master the basics of gymnastics…practice and train major lifts…bike, run, swim…learn and play…” we’ve all seen CrossFit in 100 words, but, Tim Paulson lives it. Before the CrossFit Games last year Tim posted a fact to his Instagram explaining that for three years and counting he hadn’t taken any supplements. No protein or carb powders, no pre workouts, just meat, veg, nuts, seeds and some fruits for his carbohydrates – the CrossFit way.

Tim owns and runs Pallas Fitness in Ithaca, New York, and lives nearby with his wife and son. In his basement he has a home set up and regularly trains with and surrounded by his family as well as in his affiliate surrounded by his community and coaches and programs for his affiliate as well as an online offering with Forged By Zeus – the CrossFit way.

Tim played hockey growing up and is a strong advocate of moving well and, as we bore witness to on the Assault Bike in Madison last year, is no stranger to intensity – the CrossFit way.

Tim just passed his Level 3 exam, continually improving and honing his craft so he can help and impact others – the CrossFit way.

Paulson has been to The CrossFit Games six times as an individual and is about to kick off his 12th CrossFit Open as an athlete and as an affiliate owner, but this one will be different.

“Being an individual is all I’ve ever known and my strength, fitness and mindset are all still trending upwards, I was all in to make this another great year.” Then he got a message from Tola Morakinyo.

As the curtain came down on the main show in Madison last summer, fans of the sport were left with questions. Now that Rich Froning had retired, what would happen in the Affiliate Cup? Would Mayhem evolve and rise again? Would Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson play a part? Would CrossFit Reykjavik go again? Some of these questions were answered over the off season with Khan Porter and Annie Thorisdottir appearing to lean towards individual runs, Iceland were, at the very least, pausing their push for team. Tola was on that Reykjavik team and his exploits in 2022 didn’t go unnoticed.

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Nic Johnston, CEO of PRVN Fitness was one of the people to take note. “Tola has always shown a strong promise as a team athlete – powerful, strong, and a world class gymnastics skill set. After watching Tola in Madison last season, we were genuinely blown away by the leaps and bounds he had made in his engine and top end aerobic capacity work. Those same attributes he had struggled with in years past on the team circuit. He had become a whole new athlete. A very dangerous one.”

With Rich Froning’s exit from the team division, both Taylor and Andrea were uncertain of what their 2023 season might hold, or, if a return for another title run would even be possible. Ideas, however, started to form in the Nashville camp, as the PRVN Fitness team started discussing the possibility of a new team for the 2023 season. Johnston shared, “In parallel with Rich’s decision, the girls had decided that the 2022 games would their final season the team division. Taylor was set to graduate and jump into the workforce, and Andrea was eyeing a possible future in the masters division, it seemed that it might be time pass the torch to the next team to stand atop the podium.

“After months of deeper discussions and more introspective goal setting, the two had agreed that there was still work to be done. The dynamic due were ready for one last championship run, and ready to show the world why they are truly two of the greatest team athletes in the sport’s history. It was time to get to work… Tola was an easy first choice for us, after one conversation we knew he was a perfect fit not only for the team but for the PRVN brand as well. Following a few months of in depth performance data collections, skill projections, and team analytic models, one name continued to pop up on our radar as our next male teammateThe name that floated to the top.”

That name was Tim Paulson.

“When Tola first messaged me and explained who else was involved, I was intrigued,” Tim explained. “Tola is a mutant of a human and a good dude, Andrea and Taylor have a phenomenal reputation and history in the sport. Once I spoke to the coach, Nic, I was sold. There’s so much to learn from the PRVN crew that fires me up. Getting to learn from Shane and Tia and the others is an unbelievable opportunity,” he added.

Moving from individual was never going to be straight forward but seamlessly aligning with Tim’s priorities away from competition made it a smoother transition as Paulson explained, “I could have this opportunity with the team while still being able to fulfill, to my standards, my role as a father and husband at home and as a leader in my affiliate with the flexibility to train remotely and join the team frequently for weekends and team testers. Getting to spend time with the crew at Wodapalooza sold me that this was the right decision.”

When it comes to expectations for the season, Tim has his eyes on one prize, “I’d be lying if I said we weren’t all in on one goal – coming for the crown in Madison.” Nic added, “During our conversation with Tim we spoke about legacy and what could be better than standing on top of the podium on a team at the CrossFit Games”.

A 12th Open beckons for Paulson and a 7th appearance at the Games beyond that.
Can the, CrossFit through and through, affiliate owner grab a gold in Madison with his new teammates? We’ll have to wait until August to see if their ambitions can be put to the test and proven.

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