North America East Semifinal Heat Times

We have the team workouts and the first three individual workouts. While we are still waiting on the details of the remaining workouts, we were able to get our hands on the heat schedule for the North America East Semifinal.

The heat schedule provides a glimpse into what we can expect next weekend. For example, we know that the individual athletes will take the floor six times based on the schedule.

Time Domains for Workouts 4, 5 & 6

Also, we know the time domains for the remaining three workouts. For the first three workouts, the heat times are four minutes longer than the time cap. So, Workout 4 has 18 minutes per heat, so that means the athletes will be on the floor no longer than 14 minutes. Workout 5 heats are 20 minutes, so athletes will be on the floor 16 minutes and the final workout appears to be a short, 6-minute sprint workout.

Multiple Floor Layouts

And then there is the floor layout…well, actually, floor layouts. At the North America East Semifinal there are two competition floors, a “Primary Field of Play” and a “Secondary Field of Play”.

As you can see in the image below, #5 is the primary competition floor. To the left, #1 is the secondary competition floor. The primary floor has bleachers on three of the four sides of the competition area while the secondary floor only has one set of bleachers.

It is unclear how this will work from a spectator perspective, but it seems like it will be difficult to get a seat to watch the workouts that take place on the secondary competition floor.

The workouts taking place on the secondary competition floor are:

  • Team Workout 3 (Friday morning)
  • Individual Workout 1 (Friday morning)
  • Individual Workout 3 (Saturday morning)

YouTube video

Number of Heats

At the North America East Semifinal (and North America West and Europe), there are 60 individual athletes in each division and 40 teams competing. Most of the workouts will have 10 athletes (or teams) competing in each heat.

However, for the workouts listed above on the secondary competition floor, those will have 20 individual athletes and 20 teams taking the floor each time.


The teams will begin their competition on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Individuals don’t begin until Friday morning.

Teams will compete on Thursday, Friday and Saturday while individual athletes compete on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The last heat on Sunday wraps up at 3:35 pm Eastern Time.

Here are the full heat schedules for the North America East Semifinal:


YouTube video

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