Phil Toon, Michel Catris & Sandra Annett Latest to Receive 4-Year Suspensions for Failed Drug Tests

Over the weekend, CrossFit announced the latest 4-year suspensions stemming from drug tests conducted earlier in the year. Phil Toon, Michel Catris and Sandra Annett failed in-competition drug tests at Semifinal competitions back in June. All three athletes appealed the findings, but after three months the official sanctions were handed out.

Toon, who tested positive for a metabolite of drostanolone,19-norandrosterone, and 19-noretiocholanolone at the Granite Games, is suspended for four years until June 5, 2026.

Arnett tested positive for a metabolite of stanozolol at the Atlas Games. Catris tested positive for anastrozole, clomiphene and its metabolite, and metabolites of GW1516 at the Strength in Depth Semifinal. Both are suspended through June 12, 2026.

With the announcement, there are still five athletes who are awaiting a response from CrossFit after appealing their tests. Hunter Williams, Stephen Wallace, Lize Burns, Nasser Alruwayeh and Pedro Martins have yet to receive a final judgment on their drug tests.

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