Teams Will Only Compete Two Days at Semifinals

Semifinals are going to look a little different for teams this year. With 30 teams advancing to all Semifinals, CrossFit sent an email to teams in Europe and Asia who have qualified with information regarding registration and the schedule for Semifinals.

In the email, CrossFit shared that teams will only be competing two days at Semifinals. Teams will compete on Friday and Saturday with the podium ceremony Saturday night. 

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The news is a departure from previous years where teams (and individuals) competed over the course of three days. Last year, in North America and Europe, teams competed from Thursday through Saturday while individuals competed Friday through Sunday. 

Email to teams on Semifinal Schedule

It is unclear if the individual schedule will be changed this year. Currently, each Semifinal is scheduled from Friday through Sunday. Could we see individuals compete over the course of all three days or could they compete only on Saturday and Sunday?

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