Updated Worldwide Rankings Released and Games Spots Allocated to Semifinals

The individual Quarterfinals leaderboard became official last night. After ten days of reviewing videos and handing out plenty of scoring adjustments and penalties, the leaderboard is locked. Along with that, CrossFit has released its updated worldwide rankings and the calculations for how many Games spots will come from each Semifinal.

Before we get into the details, here are the official Top 100 men and women and the entire worldwide ranking of every Quarterfinals athlete.

Top 100 Men
Top 100 Women
All Quarterfinals Athletes Ranking

Watch our update show below as we walk through the rankings and how it impacted the qualifying spots to the CrossFit Games…

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Worldwide Rankings

When looking at the worldwide rankings, the thing that stands out immediately is that Tia-Clair Toomey is no longer ranked. Instead, the #1 woman in the world is now Laura Horvath.

Toomey, who is pregnant and not competing this season, did complete the 2023 CrossFit Open. The six-time CrossFit Games champion finished 213th in the Oceania region, good enough to qualify for Quarterfinals. But while Toomey did the Quarterfinals workouts, she did not pay the $50 to register and officially participate last weekend. Because she was not a Quarterfinals athlete, Toomey was removed from the worldwide rankings.

Toomey was joined by a host of other athletes who were removed from the rankings due to injury, retirement, going team or just not competing. In total, 21 women and 22 men fell out of the top 100 due to not competing this year.

Here is the list of athletes who were removed from the worldwide rankings:

Men (Previous Rank) Women (Previous Rank)
Travis Mayer (15) Tia-Clair Toomey (1)
Andre Houdet (18) Haley Adams (4)
Royce Dunne (27) Kara Saunders (10)
Adrian Mundwiler (33) Kristi O’Connell (12)
Scott Panchik (36) Seungyeon Choi (25)
Bayden Brown (37) Samantha Briggs (29)
Sam Stewart (43) Lucy Campbell (30)
Matt Dlugos (46) Kelly Stone (45)
Cedric Lapointe (51) Leah Irons (54)
Tyler Eggimann (55) Amy Morton (54)
Logan Collins (56) Olivia Sulek (58)
Haraldur Holgersson (57) Emelie Lundberg (59)
Elliot Simmonds (61) Taylor Reber (65)
PD Savage (69) Elena Budz (72)
Ioannis Papadopoulos (74) Veslemoy Kollstad (77)
Jake Marconi (76) Callerina Key (80)
Aleksandar Ilin (85) Megan Lovegrove (81)
Taylor Self (86) Gabby McClelland (84)
Lukas Grouleff (87) Kristine Best (85)
Hunter Holifield (92) Jessica Meek (89)
Ruan Duvenage (95) Dani Horan (96)
Phil Toon (98)  

There were also quite a few additions to the top 100, mainly those who moved up due to the list above being removed from the rankings. However, two athletes broke into the top 100 after not being ranked before the season began – Annie Thorisdottir and Samuel Cournoyer. Both competed as an individual at the 2021 CrossFit Games, but elected to compete on a team last year.

And because they did not do the individual Quarterfinals last year, they were omitted from the pre-season rankings. But they have been added back and with their individual scores from 2021 Semifinals and Games appearances, Thorisdottir sits in 25th and Cournoyer is in 69th in the updated rankings.

Allocations to the CrossFit Games

Now that the Top 100 has been solidified, the D’Hondt method has been used to determine how many qualifying spots to the CrossFit Games each Semifinal will receive above the minimum number granted to each region.

And as expected, all of the 17 unallocated spots have been distributed to the Big 3 regions (North America East/West and Europe). While the distribution is slightly different between the men’s and women’s divisions, no additional qualifying spots were given to the four smaller regions.

Here are the total number of qualifying spots that each Semifinal will send to the CrossFit Games:

Region Men Women
North America East 12 11
North America West 9 10
Europe 11 11
Oceania 3 3
Asia 2 2
South America 2 2
Africa 1 1
Total 40 40

The numbers above show how many athletes from each Semifinal competition will qualify for the 2023 CrossFit Games. For example, the top 12 men at the North America East Semifinal will advance to the CrossFit Games. The top 11 women from Europe will also advance.

From here on out, the worldwide rankings do not matter when it comes to advancing the the CrossFit Games. For those athletes who finished in the top 30 or 60 in their region (top 60 for North American and Europe regions), it all comes down to their performance at Semifinals in two months. It doesn’t matter whether someone is ranked 2nd in the world or 1,000th, a high finish at Semifinals is all that matters.

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