10 Reasons Why You Should Be Deadlifting

When it comes down to the fitness and bodybuilding world, the deadlift is an exercise you do not want to ignore. When executed with proper form it can and it will bring us closer to that better, stronger and more powerful physique we are aiming for.

Why is that?

The deadlift is an exercise that requires to literally lift a dead weight off the floor. It has been around for ages, performed by bodybuilders, powerlifters and many known athletes to improve their athletic abilities as well as their performance and gain a good amount of strength and size. If you still don’t feel like deadlifts are for you, stick around. I’ll prove why they are!


Unlike most exercises that are meant for a specific muscle group, the deadlift works your whole body. It targets your upper (back, shoulders and arms) and lower body (glutes or buttocks, quadriceps, hamstring and calves) including the abdominal region. It is a full-body blaster which is one of the top advantages of this exercise. When you have less time or you have to do one exercise to challenge your whole body, this is the one.


The deadlift targets your major core muscles increasing its strength when performed properly. A strong core is key to a stronger and better body. It is also a big help in keeping your back and spine both straight and strong thus improving your posture in general. There are not many exercises that target your core like this exercise does.


Yes! Resistance training by itself can naturally increase testosterone levels in our bodies, but not as much as deadlifts and squats can. Reason why is that testosterone and growth hormones naturally increase their levels in our bodies when muscle fibers are recruited, and we already know that deadlifts target more muscle groups than any other exercises ergo they recruit more fiber as well. That’s why deadlifts are number one on my best workout to boost your testosterone level list, followed by squats.

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There’s no doubt that when it comes to having strength gain as a goal deadlifts are your perfect choice. Don’t believe me? Ask a powerlifter. A powerlifters goals is strength and strength only. No wonder why the always go for personal records in deadlifts, squats and bench press. Deadlifts are a great way to truly test your strength. They also are a big help in increasing one’s power. And even though they seem alike they have their differences. Power is one’s ability to access big amount of force for a shorter period of time. This comes in handy in sports such as box, MMA, football and so on.


If we don’t use equipment such as wraps while performing deadlifts, this exercise will increase our grip strength by a mile! You may ask yourselves: Why is grip strength so much important? Grip strength is very important in lots of fields including bodybuilding. Our arms are the tools to deliver our body strength to the barbell, machine or those dumbbells. Especially, when pulling something. Try doing chin-ups without a firm grip. Even though your biceps and back say yes, after a few reps your forearms will quit on you. By doing deadlifts our forearms and hands adapt themselves to the weight we are pulling making them bigger and stronger. That increases our grip strength.


It is a known fact that resistance training and weight training are a big help in losing fat or bodyweight. Now just add the facts together. Resistance training helps with fat loss. Deadlift like I said activates more muscle groups than any other exercise, therefore requires more effort when performing it. This requires the body to burn more fuel or calories. With the proper diet deadlifts can be your fighting tactic against weight loss or fat loss.

Brooke Wells completing the Ranch Deadlift Ladder in Aromas, California at the 2016 CrossFit Games
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I probably already mentioned this, doesn’t matter it’s so important you can read it twice. Besides helping with testosterone levels and growth hormones, deadlifts when performed with the right form target and challenge the whole body! Combine that with heavy lifting and you have the key to growth! It is essential to do some heavy-ass deadlifting when it comes down to gaining some serious size.


What? No way. Yes, exactly what it sounds like! Deadlifts much like squats when performed with high intensity can be a big help in improving our cardiovascular endurance. As much as you hate admitting it cardio is essential for both improving our physique (getting shredded) and improving general health.

Nick Paladino deadlifts 585 pounds!
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I love this one. Know how you can cheat your way on a bench press? Or bicep curl? Try doing that on a deadlift. Impossible! There’s no “spot me bruh”, no help no nothing. It’s just you, the barbell and the will to lift. You either do it or you don’t.


Last but certainly not least. With compound movements such as the deadlift you strengthen your whole body including the muscles around your ligaments and tendons. Having stronger muscles around crucial joints is essential for a healthier stronger body, especially when we want to avoid any kind of injuries. In my opinion the deadlift also strengthens our knees, ankles, wrists and lower back which is very important in the athlete world and life in general.

There you go! My top ten reasons why deadlifts are a must if we want to move forward into the fitness world. Adding deadlifts into your workout routine can and will be a smart choice for any kind of athlete. Like a said, an essential exercise to build muscle, a stronger and more powerful body both in the fitness world and in everyday activities and build an overall healthy body. What more do you need? Remember: good form is a must with every exercise, especially deadlifts. Give it a shot, you will not regret it.


I am Matiss Stein, CEO and founder of TopTestosteroneBoosters.org. I am a 21 years old fitness enthusiast and I am always looking for new ways to improve my body. I am from Latvia, who is studying in Denmark but currently doing student exchange program in Spain. I am interested in Business, Marketing, Advertising and Sales. Commercially focused, innovative and energizing character with strengths in relationship building and communication skills.

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