Brian Friend Launches B. FRIENDLY FITNESS

After thinking about the idea for a year, is live. Brian Friend officially launched his website this morning along with his updated Power Rankings for the individual men, women and teams.

Friend, who has been in the CrossFit media space since 2018 has provided analysis and commentary focused around CrossFit competitions around the world. His articles have been published on South China Morning Post, Morning Chalk Up, BarBend and even here on The Barbell Spin. He’s a regular on The Sevan Podcast, too, giving his opinions and insights on the CrossFit Games season.

But after years of writing for other outlets, Friend is forging his own path with B. FRIENDLY FITNESS. In speaking with Friend, I asked what made him decide to branch out now. “Over the past year I’ve had people in space encourage me to do something like this, and, after finding the right people to help, I felt like it was just the right time.”

Friend has been joined by Patrick Clark, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, and Chad Mueller, Chief Creative Office. Together, the three will bring Brian’s vision of adding context and analysis to what is happening within the sport of CrossFit.

Brian said his plans for B. FRIENDLY FITNESS is to bring more of what you’ve come to expect from him in the past, just now on his own platform. But he’s not stopping there, two other things stand out when taking a look at his new website.

First, there is a menu for Disc Golf. If you’ve watched The Sevan Podcast lately you probably have seen some recent episodes where Sevan and Brian discuss the world of Disc Golf. Brian told The Barbell Spin that he plans on expanding some of that coverage going forward.

And second, there is a sub-menu for ‘Competition Consulting’. Throughout the years when Brian has not been writing articles about the sport, he has worked behind the scenes for some of the largest competitions including the CrossFit Games Semifinals and CrossFit Sanctionals, larger off-season competitions like Wodapalooza and the Dubai Fitness Championship, and other competitions such as the Zelos Games, Crash Crescendo and the NOPEN.

“I’ve helped a lot of the top competitions over the years and want to help bring my experience with those events to organizers who are looking improve their programming, logistics, standards or fan experience,” said Friend. Whether an established event is looking to improve or someone is looking to start a new competition, Brian said he has a passion for sharing what he has learned over the years with those in the space.

As for CrossFit Games season, I asked Brian for some sleeper picks on who to watch in the men’s field for Semifinals. “For the Big 3 Semifinals, I’m keeping my eye on Jacob Marlow in the West, Evan Rogers in the East and Alexander Anasagasti out of Europe.” So make sure to watch for these guys later this month as they hit the Semifinals floor and don’t forget to check out or follow him on Instagram, @bfriendlyfitness.

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