Dani Speegle Travels to Saudi Arabia to Speak on Panel About Women Empowerment

Most athletes a week out from competing at Semifinals are testing the workouts one last time and preparing to travel to the competition. The exception to this is Dani Speegle. The 4-time CrossFit Games veteran is slated to compete in Pasadena, California, next Friday, but she is currently on her way to Saudi Arabia.

The reason? Speegle is speaking on a panel covering “Women Empowerment” at Saudi Arabia’s First Sport for All Exhibition. Hosted by MVMNT, Speegle will join Mary Nazzal, CEO of MVMNT, and Jessica Smith, a former Australian Paralympic Swimmer.

The Sports Exhibition for All runs from May 18-20 at Riyadh Front, a mega business and leisure development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The “Women Empowerment” panel is on Saturday, May 20 at 6:45pm local time. 

The first Test of the North America West Semifinal is next Friday, May 26.

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