Foster Fit’s 5-Minute Burpee Challenge Fundraiser to Help Foster Children Through CrossFit

Foster Fit is a non-profit organization founded to empower children and adolescents in the foster care system. Founded by Justin Romaire in 2020, Foster Fit‘s mission has been help improve the mental and physical health of children, primarily teenagers, by providing financial assistance to join a local CrossFit gym.

One of Foster Fit’s annual fundraisers is coming up the first week of December. The ‘Foster Fit 5-Minute Burpee Challenge‘ is just what it sounds like…as many burpees to a 6-inch target as possible in five minutes. The funds raised from the online event will help provide foster youth with CrossFit gym memberships.

Since it’s inception, Foster Fit has been able to help 25 children with a CrossFit membership across the United States. “We currently have 12 teenagers in the program and the goal is to continue to support them throughout their journey to improve their physical and mental health,” said Foster Fit founder, Justin Romaire.

Romaire, who was adopted himself, shared that he started Foster Fit to help other children who are involved with child welfare, especially those who have been removed from their family of origin. “I founded Foster Fit because I wanted to give back and help those who are going through the challenges of foster care,” said Romaire.

Oftentimes, children in foster care have complex and serious physical, mental health and developmental problems stemming from childhood adversity and trauma. Being part of the CrossFit community for so long, Romaire saw the benefit of community within the walls of a CrossFit gym and felt that getting children in a CrossFit gym could help their mental and physical well-being.

The cost to register for the Foster Fit 5-Minute Burpee Challenge is $25. Scores can be submitted between December 4-10, 2023. So whether you’re at home or at the gym, take five minutes and get some burpees in. And for CrossFit affiliate owners who want to get involved, Romaire said one of the best ways to incorporate five minutes of burpees into a class warm-up.

To learn more about Foster Fit and to make additional donations, head over to their website at

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