James Sprague Nearly Goes Sub-6 on 2k Row!

How fast is your 2k row? It’s probably not as fast as James Sprague’s!

This morning, Sprague hopped on the Concept2 rower for a 2,000-meter time trial. He jumped on Instagram Live for the attempt and was shooting to break 6-minutes.

While he was unable to break the six-minute mark, he did finish in a blazing 6:06.6, an average 1:31.65/500m pace. That alone would be really good for most on a 500-meter time trial.

But how does that stack up against professional rowers? The American 2,000-meter record is 5:41.0 set by David Simon back in 2000. The 2,000-meter world record is an insane 5:35.8, recorded by Josh-Dunley Smith in 2018.

As for CrossFitters, Jason Khalipa finished the first 2,000-meters in 6:21 during the Half Marathon Row at the 2013 CrossFit Games. In that workout, the first 2,000 meters was a scored event along with the final half marathon time. Khalipa would go on to win both scored events.

Here is Sprague’s 2k time trial…enjoy!

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