PRVN Partners with ValorFit to Raise Money for Veterans

Approximately 21 Veterans take their own lives every day. One out of every five military service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD. The challenges Veterans face when returning to civilian life can be overwhelming. But that’s where organizations like ValorFit come in.

ValorFit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports Veterans through a network of group fitness facilities and gyms, typically CrossFit gyms, to help them flourish as they take control of their health and fitness. ValorFit works with previously vetted affiliates and owners to create programs paying for veterans gym memberships offering them a outlet to utilize the community and fitness as they get back on track into civilian life and working to provide them opportunities for career opportunities and lifestyle advancements.

Troy Peterson, founder of ValorFit, struggled with mTBI and PTSD after returning from Iraq in 2005. Those struggles took over his life as he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. In 2015, Troy attempted suicide.

Fortunately, through the advice of his wife, Troy joined CrossFit Waukee. It was the first step in turning his life around. And after seeing the positive benefits of taking control of his health and fitness, he created ValorFit in 2018.

“After my suicide attempt I created ValorFit with the help of a few others to help struggling Veterans find a way to replace old negative habits with new positive ones through CrossFit,” said Troy Peterson.

Since then, ValorFit has covered over 2,000 memberships for Veterans in 11 different States and are looking to do more. That’s where PRVN Fitness came in to help raise money to help more Veterans.

“Once we had the chance to dive into the statistics, and hear the challenges our veterans face on a daily basis, we knew PRVN needed to be part of a greater solution. We are committed and extremely proud to work alongside ValorFit and affiliates to help provide tools and opportunities to these everyday superheroes as they work to create healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes through community and fitness,” said Nic Johnston, CEO PRVN Fitness.

That’s where the ValorFit x PRVN Veterans Day Affiliate Giveaway comes in. They are giving away TWO amazing prize packages to gym owners and their communities who raise the most money for Veterans across the country.

These two winners will receive the following:

  • 1x Concept 2 Bike Erg
  • 1x 30 Wholesale Gym Supply of PRVN Supplements
  • 1x PRVN Apparel package of choice
  • 1x FREE Ticket to a future PRVN Camp
  • 1 YEAR free PRVN Affiliate Programming

A gym can earn entries into the giveaway by raising and donating to ValorFit. The more money donated means more entries!

How to Win:

  • Raise and Donate $500 or more = 5 Entries
  • Raise and Donate $1,000 or more = 10 Entries
  • Raise and Donate $2,000 or more = 20 Entries
  • Raise and Donate $3,000 or more = 30 Entries
  • Raise and Donate $10,000 or more = 100 Entries

If you or your gym are interested in participating, head over to to get more information. Entries must be received before November 11, 2023 and a confirmed receipt must be sent to [email protected] before this day!

Shane Orr, Founder of PRVN Fitness, shared why he wanted to partner with ValorFit, “Crossfit Affiliates are at the very core of our business and we cannot think of a better environment or group of people to help change the lives of veterans. ValorFit is doing amazing work, and we are excited to be a part of their growth moving forward.”

If you would like to get more information on ValorFit or have interest in joining their programs or donating, you can contact Troy Peterson at [email protected]. You can also visit ValorFit’s website at

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