The Story Behind the Brute Rebrand and New Logo

If you have been paying attention to Matt Torres and Brute Strength Training team you might have noticed quite a few changes over the last six months. From moving the headquarters to a new city, redesigning its logo along with a complete rebrand and some changes to its athlete roster, the new Brute aims to help anyone regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

Formerly recognized as Brute Strength Training, the change to Brute marks a new era in the company after Matt Torres (CEO) and Micah Shoemaker (CMO) acquired the brand last year. Along with the simplified name, the logo has changed, too.

“The new logo has a distinctive circular design that represents the stages of progression. When merged together, our logo creates a symbol of connection and growth,” explained Shoemaker. “We wanted a logo and a marque that showcases creativity and science just like our training programs,” he added.

New Brute Logo“We are really hype to introduce the world to our fresh rebrand because it embodies our commitment to our athletes, our unique approach of coaching, and our ability to create people-centered individualized programs,” said Matt Torres, CEO of Brute. “No matter where you are in your fitness or athletic journey, there is always an opportunity for growth; and that is precisely where we step in to help you with our remote coaching and our online training programs.”

In addition, all of this has happened as Brute HQ moved across the state of Florida from Naples to Jacksonville. Brute’s elite athlete roster features Dallin Pepper, James Sprague, Fee Saghafi, Rebecka Vitesson, Danielle Brandon, Hannah Black, Kelsey Kiel and Ro Scott.

But Brute is not just for the elite athlete (John Young works with Coach El). Jokes aside, Torres shares why Brute can be for any athlete, “Brute is centered on utilizing our coaches individual creativity along with the science of our training methodologies to help bridge the gap between you and your goals. We want you to know that our coaches are by your side while you are pursuing the proudest version of yourself.”

Founded in 2013, Brute has provided coaching to athletes through personalized training programs and individualized 1-1 coaching. For more information, head over to the Brute website

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