TYR Sport Releases New CXT-2 Trainer

Two years after TYR Sport stormed the CrossFit space with its CXT-1 Trainer, the Huntington Beach-based company has unveiled the next iteration with the CXT-2 Trainer. The new version was designed to improve the fit, functionality and comfort for competitors of all levels.

The biggest change with the CXT-2 Trainer is that it is 4mm wider that the CXT-1. Additionally, a new ‘TYRTAC’ outsole has been added to enhance grip and durability. The lacing system has also been improved with fortified lace loops to prevent having to stop to retie your shoes during a workout.

Like the CXT-1, the CXT-2 Trainer keeps the 7mm heel-to-toe drop.

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“Incorporating customer and athlete feedback was extremely important to us in producing the next iteration of the CXT Trainer,” said Matt DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport. “Athletes who were fans of the first version of the shoe will be pleased with the refinements, and those who weren’t early adopters will want to give it another test. We’re confident that it is the most comfortable and versatile cross-training shoe on the market.”

The CXT-2 are currently available in three different colorways ranging from the red and white that the athletes wore at Semifinals to a black/gum version and finally a white shoe with neon green highlights. They are on sale at tyr.com and are listed at $150 USD.

TYR CXT-2 Trainer Fact Sheet

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