Dave Castro Reveals First Event of CrossFit Invitational

All of the athletes are in Australia preparing for the CrossFit Invitational. The competition takes place Sunday afternoon in Australia (early morning in the United States) and the athletes have been working with the Worm and getting familiar with their teammates’ pacing.

Dave Castro gathered the athletes Friday afternoon and shared the first event, a sprint chipper. The video was shared on CrossFit Game’s Live Instagram story.

Dave Castro revealing Event 1 of the 2017 CrossFit Invitational.
Dave Castro revealing Event 1 of the 2017 CrossFit Invitational.

Event 1, for time:
40 rope climbs, total
35/20-cal row, each
30/20-cal Assault Bike, each
30 Worm cleans, total

While it looks straightforward on paper, there a few nuances that Castro laid out.

Rope Climbs. There will be two ropes for each team. The teams will break off into pairs of their choosing (MM/FF or MF/MF) and each pair must complete 20 rope climbs. The rope will be the shorter rope like at regionals.

Row/Bike. Once all 40 rope climbs are completed, two athletes will jump on the rower while the other two will jump on the Assault Bike. Once all four members complete their work, they switch machines. So if the athlete was on the rower, they now go to the Assault Bike. If an athlete was on the Assault Bike, they move to the rower.

Worm Cleans. After all of the athletes complete the calories on the rower and bike, they will do 30 Worm cleans. The Worm will be advanced after every six cleans.

Castro then said he would be sharing more details of the competition tomorrow (Saturday) and that he was very excited about what he has in store for them.