Lucas Parker Shares Reason for Withdrawing

Screen cap from Lucas Parker's 17.3 video
Screen cap from Lucas Parker's 17.3 video

As expected after Lucas Parker withdrew of competition following Event 2, he has shared why he was unable to continue. Parker took to Facebook Sunday to share what happened to him on Friday at the CrossFit East Regional.

During Event 1 Parker became dizzy and lightheaded. He was able to finish the event under the time cap, but needed the help of CrossFit’s medical staff to leave the floor. After being monitored for an hour, Parker noticed his urine was very red.

He took the floor and finished Event 2, but his symptoms returned. Apparently Parker has been experiencing this at other CrossFit competitions (the Games?). Parker’s plan is to recover and go in for further testing to better understand what is happening.

Here is Parker’s full post.