Yesterday, CrossFit Games veteran Margaux Alvarez shared that her Instagram account had been hacked. Alvarez, who had over 120k followers on the social media platform, took to her Vineyard CrossFit account to share the news with the community.

Alvarez asked those to re-follow her on the new account she set up, @321gaux, the same name as it was before.

Within 24 hours, Alvarez’s new account already has over 21k followers. The bad news is that the hacker was deleting photos from her hacked account and it is unclear if Instagram will do anything or if they would be able to recover the lost photos.

Alvarez shared screenshots of the hacked account as well as several interactions with him over DM.

Alvarez is the latest in what appears might be a new trend. Just a few weeks ago, French athlete Celia Gabbiani’s Instagram account with over 276k followers was hacked. Gabbiani used a personal account to share the news with the community. Luckily for Gabbiani, Instagram restored her original account, but her content was lost.