Misfit Athletics Athletes Considering Going Team in 2018

The past 36 hours have created a lot of talk within the CrossFit community. With the team size shrinking to just four athletes to regional changes, everyone is talking about what the 2018 CrossFit Games season will look like.

The teams of four change appears to be exactly what Dave Castro had hoped for. Rich Froning appears to be creating two teams coming out of CrossFit Mayhem. And now, it appears that three popular Misfit Athletics athletes might be teaming up next year.

In a post on Instagram, three-time CrossFit Games veteran Travis Williams shared a photo of himself along with Alexis Johnson and Jordan Cook. The fourth box had a simple question mark.

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After speaking with Williams, he said that the three Misfits are strongly considering going team, but it will depend on finding a second female to join the team and it they likely would not make a final decision until they have to decline an individual invitation to the South Regional.

We are still over three months away from the start of the 2018 CrossFit Open and 18.1, but expect to keep seeing news of athletes looking to team up under this new format. Stay tuned!