Predicting 16.2

Surprisingly, no one predicted walking overhead lunges last week. But just because it was a swing and a miss last week doesn’t mean we can’t try again. Dave Castro’s hints were very obvious (according to him) so let’s see what he’s giving us this week.

Two days ago, the first hint was a cover of The Grapes of Wrath.


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Yesterday, we were given a fire hydrant.


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So with those very obvious clues, let’s see what some of the top athletes from 16.1 are guessing for 16.2.

Kyle Frankenfeld (1st in Australia)
“I gave up a long time ago trying to predict. Although I would love to see an ascending ladder of sorts. Something heavy and uncomfortable.”

Jenn Jones (15th in South Central)
“Something less than 20 minutes. I’m guessing a deadlift is in the mix.”

Brent Fikowski (1st in Canada West)
“Moderately heavy pull from the floor, either a deadlift, clean or snatch, combined with another movement in a couplet.”

Jamie Greene (1st in Africa)
“I think something heavy and shorter. Maybe box jumps and deadlifts.”

Here’s our best guess at what Castro will announce tonight…

10-min AMRAP
15 cal Row
2 Muscle-Ups
15 cal Row
4 Muscle-Ups
15 cal Row
6 Muscle-Ups
15 cal Row
8 Muscle-Ups
*Continue increased Muscle-ups by 2 reps each round.

A lot of people expected to see 16.1a last week featuring a 1RM lift. However, last year the 1RM Clean & Jerk was dominated by some of the top Olympic Weightlifters in the country/world. In doing so, those non-CrossFitters received some prize money. Now that registering for the Open is closed, programming a max lift effort as 16.2a or 16.3a would not have all the noise in the standing like it did last year. Just something to consider.

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