Rain and Thunderstorms in the Forecast for CrossFit Games

When Madison was selected as the home of the 2017 CrossFit Games, several commented that August is a rainy time for the area. And it looks like that will be coming to fruition this week as athletes and fans descent upon the Midwestern town.

If you are trying to decide what to pack for your trip to the Games, make sure you check out the weather forecast. No longer will athletes or fans need to worry about the heat – the highest temperature during the Games will be 75 on Thursday. No, rain will be the biggest factor this week.

The Weather Channel is forecasting a possibility of rain three of the four days of competition. Thursday has the highest chance for rain…90%. Of course, that is the day the athletes will be taking on the Run-Swim-Run event and the individual athletes will be on the bikes.

Friday looks like it will be the driest, although there is still a 20% chance of precipitation. That will be good news for the athletes as they will be taking on the Sprint O-Course.

Saturday and Sunday both have near a 50/50 chance of seeing some rain. Highs will be in the low 70s over the weekend. The lows all week dip into the mid-50’s so bring some pants and a light jacket.

Weather forecast for the 2017 CrossFit Games
10-day forecast by The Weather Channel for Madison, Wisconsin.

The good news about being in Madison, however, is that two of the competition areas are indoors or covered. The Coliseum is obviously indoors and weather obviously won’t be a factor. For the individuals and teams, other than the Run-Swim-Run, Bike Course (individuals only) and the Sprint O-Course, there is only one outside each day over the weekend.

The Teens and Masters will spend some time outside as well in North Park on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, however, all events for these groups will be in the covered Age Group Pavilion.